Dealing With Resources in RxSwift

final class AudioSession: Disposable {
let audioPlayer: AVAudioPlayer
init(url: URL) throws {
audioPlayer = try AVAudioPlayer(contentsOf: url)
func dispose() {
let session = Observable.using({
try AudioSession(url: url)
observableFactory: { audioSession in
return Observable<Int>.interval(
scheduler: MainScheduler.instance
.flatMap { _ in
togglePlay // an Observable<Void>
.subscribe(onNext: audioSession.audioPlayer.toggle)
.disposed(by: audioSession.disposeBag)



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Daniel Tartaglia

Daniel Tartaglia

I started programming as a hobby in the late ’70s and professionally in the late ’90s. I’ve been writing iOS apps since 2010 and using RxSwift since 2015.